• Monastir

    Luckily there are no problems after the relaunch of the ship in Kelibia, everything is working as it should. So on the way exploring new grounds further South. 2 anchorages for the night in the shallow water along the sandy cost. Expect a visit from the Garde Nationale when you are not in a marina at night. They are just checking who you are, its for your safety. Then onwards to Hammamet Yasmine marina for a 3 week stay.
  • Hauling out in Kelibia

    Back in Kelibia -again- after the beautifull journey to Tabarka, this time for hauling out. That means maintenance work to the underside of the boat like painting, polishing, service to the transmission and propellor, new zincs and epoxy repair on the iron part of the keel. A huge 250 ton crane lifts Malaka Queen out of the water using straps and hydraulic power. This is a bit exiting and scary too.
  • Tabarka

    From the fishing port of Kelibia passing Zembra Island, once a notorious pirate island raiding Kelibia, now a UNESCO biosphere on anchor near Sidi Bou Said Then North passing Bizerte Exellent food on the way Malaka Queen in the fishing port of Tabarka Last town before the border Tabarka has a beautifull Genoese castle The North coast of Tunesia is mountanious and covered with dense forrest.
  • And back to Tunesia

    This journey of 15.000 nautical miles around Africa started on September 20, 2018 in Tanga Tanzania. It has now ended with the wonderfull family gathering in Israel and an impressive 4 day tour through Jordan. Also there is no more sea to go more east, so lets go west again! The estimated maximum for this passage from Israel to Tunesia is 21 days at sea. Time to leave Herzliyya on June 3 for our destination port Tunis.
  • Jordan

    We visited Jordan from Israel with a group of 6 people. With only 3 days available they still want to visit as many places as possible. The company Jordanian Aventura has a good and affordable solution for this: a private mini bus and chauffeur driving us from place to place. Pick up is at the Jordanian site of the Bet Shean border crossing. The Jordan Pass, which can be bought online, provides a free visum plus free access to most sites and parks in Jordan.
  • Israel

    While sailing to Israel from Kemer we can already hear the Israeli navy calling every ship that enters Israeli waters. When it is our turn they call us and a long conversation with the navy follows as they want to know every detail of the ship and every crew member on board. 10 miles before Herzliyya a small navy boat appears from the heavy fog and comes alongside for a visual identification.
  • Kemer

    Our fastest passage ever: 1062 miles in 8 days, from Bizerte Tunesia, Malta, Crete to Kekova Island in Turkey. The first day of the passage a strong east wind is against us but then the prevailing west winds take over and the snow covered mountains of South Crete appear already after a few days of sailing. good food keeps a sailor going a few visitors came for a good rest snow on the mountains in South Crete a first view of Turkey A beautifull anchorage in a hidden bay on Kekova island.
  • Bizerte

    The journey from La Galite to Bizerte takes 10 hours so an early start: anchor up at 05.00 in order to arrive in the afternoon. The first morning light is visible at the horizon but the bay is still dark. A light westerly breeze pushes us so all sails fully out in goosewing while the sun rises, magnificent. Closer to Bizerte the wind speed increases. We sail quickly into the harbour on a beam reach, speed 8 knots.
  • Ile de la Galite

    It was the Italians who build houses and infrastructure on this beautifull, unspoiled island. They cultivated part of the land growing figs and vegetables. When Tunesia became independent they all left to France giving their houses back to nature. Some of these houses are now used by the National and the police and some fishermen. The rest is inhabitable. The path leads to the top of the mountain where once the Italians grew their vegetables.
  • Gibraltar to Ile de la Galite

    Everything is prepared. All paperwork is done but the prediction does not seem favourable. Still I decide to leave Gibraltar now: my eldest son gets married and the flight to the wedding is booked from Tunesia.So far so good. Our first passage on the Mediterranian sea starts with a little breeze from the East so the course past Europa point is set in the direction of Malaga. Then a tack in the direction of Marocco to cross the busy shipping lane.