Luckily there are no problems after the relaunch of the ship in Kelibia, everything is working as it should. So on the way exploring new grounds further South. 2 anchorages for the night in the shallow water along the sandy cost. Expect a visit from the Garde Nationale when you are not in a marina at night. They are just checking who you are, its for your safety.

Monastir images/2019/mon/2.jpg
Then onwards to Hammamet Yasmine marina for a 3 week stay. With the wind pushing us into port first a temporary mooring opposite the fuel dock. After checking in a marinero in a dinghy guides us to our berth.
Monastir images/2019/mon/3.jpg
Monastir images/2019/mon/4.jpg
That camel and a few turtles live beside the main road to Hammamet
Monastir images/2019/mon/1.jpg
Yasmine marina is situated west of Hammamet in an area with large hotels on a major road. Quite a few of them have been abandonned and in fact the whole area appears to be hit by the collapse the Tunesia’s tourism branch in 2011. There is a small community of English speaking sailors living in this marina. Very friendly and helpfull. This marina is out of town so there are only little shops nearby.
Monastir images/2019/mon/5.jpg
Moving on to Cap Monastir Marina appoximately 90 nautical miles South from Hammamet Yasmine marina. Before going into another marina first another quiet anchorage in the wild… Ile Kuriat is one of 2 low islands with nothing on it but a white lighthouse. Tranquility is all there is, marvelous.. And 1 night near the cliffs of Monastir, see the above picture.
Monastir images/2019/mon/6.jpg
The mausoleum of Bourguiba, Tunesia's first president.
Monastir images/2019/mon/6a.jpg
Great shopping in the medina of Monastir
Monastir images/2019/mon/11.jpg
Best chickpea soup ever...
Monastir images/2019/mon/7.jpg
sail repair
Monastir images/2019/mon/7a.jpg
the sailmakers means of transport
Monastir images/2019/mon/9.jpg
More work, the bow thruster
Monastir images/2019/mon/10.jpg
and cleaning the bilge.....
Monastir images/2019/mon/8.jpg
Flamingos live in the ponds between the main road and train track to the airport