While sailing to Israel from Kemer we can already hear the Israeli navy calling every ship that enters Israeli waters. When it is our turn they call us and a long conversation with the navy follows as they want to know every detail of the ship and every crew member on board.

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10 miles before Herzliyya a small navy boat appears from the heavy fog and comes alongside for a visual identification. After entering the marina Malaka Queen is directed to the fuel berth. Then the boat is vigorously searched by customs officers for an hour while each crew member is interrogated seperately for more than half an hour by immigration officers before we are finally allowed to go to our berth. Welcome to Israel!

The next day I hire a car to explore Mount Tabor, Cesarea, Akko, Haifa and Beit Shean.

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The Bajar temple in the center of Haifa
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is build on the slopes of mount Carmel

The archeological site of Beit Shean is located at ancient North-South and East-West routes as shown by this stone located on top of the hill in the Beit Shean national park.

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Also located on the top of the hill are the remains of a 4000 years old Egyptian gouvernors house from where this Egyptian province was ruled.

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The city was destroyed by an earthquake around 736 AC, abandonned and rediscovered in 1990.

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Byzantine mosaique
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Just tell me, who is the tallest?