It is hard to believe…back in Gibraltar -where I did my yachtmaster fast track at Allabroad- after sailing more than 12.000 miles around Africa. Clare, Dave and Lee of the sailing school are still there and nice to talk again with sailing instructor Martin and “STCW” James Holman.

Now is a good time to do repairs and to buy essential marine parts: spare waterpump, hull cleaner, a new pully to hoist the dinghy, the list is long but there is not enough time. Must fly on April 30 from Tunis so its time to prepare for the next leg to Tunisia. Repair genoa, restock at Eroski, refill the diesel tank. Only 13 tank was used since St Helena: sailing all the way!

Gibraltar images/2019/gib/1.jpg
the genoa is back from repair
Gibraltar images/2019/gib/2.jpg
look at that new Sahara sand coloured uv strip

Gibraltar images/2019/gib/4.jpg
and while the paperwork is processed
Gibraltar images/2019/gib/5.jpg
life is good at anchor

Gibraltar images/2019/gib/6.jpg
Indian Tali plate in Gibraltar
Gibraltar images/2019/gib/7.jpg
tapas in Spain, La Linea