The challenge to go to Europe: sailing at least 21 days close haul for more than 2000 nautical miles against the tradewind from Mindelo on Sao Vincente, one of the Cape Verde islands, to Gibraltar at the entrance of the Mediterranian sea. The weather on route to Gibraltar can be unstable this time of year and the wind not favourable. It is not possible to get an accurate weather prediction for the next 21 days so it is a bit of a gamble too….

Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/2.jpg
magnificent views
The route will take us north, almost to the Azores. When we reach 35 degrees north the prevailing winds should come more from the north allowing us to sail east to Gibraltar. That worked out well: the wind and weather was good so we reach Gibraltar after 21 days at sea.
Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/5.jpg
every day different....
Hardly any wildlife in the sea until 300 miles from Gibraltar, then turtles, dolphins and seagulls.
Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/6.jpg
This little bird found us and decided to stay overnight on board.
Compliments to the chef for the exellent food, all created while the boat is heeling and rocking!

Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/3.jpg
grenola flapjack
Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/4.jpg
chocolate cake with coconut cream
A western wind pushes us through the strait of Gibraltar,the end of our passage and we see that the world we once came from still exists…
Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/7.jpg
AIS radar screen: many ships approaching the strait of Gibraltar
The rock of Gibraltar emerges in the distance. Our Genoa is battered after sailing 13000 nm.
Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/8.jpg
Finally on land, time to put on the walking shoes, so glad we can walk again!

Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/9.jpg
the mediterranian steps: down from the top of the rock
Mindelo to Gibraltar images/2019/verdesgib/10.jpg
First view of the mediterranian sea