At arrival on Sao Vincente, one of the Cape Verde Islands, we anchor under sail in the motor vessel anchorage as the engine does not seem to be working well. After arrival we go ashore to check in and discover that it is Canaval! Everything is closed as the whole town is watching the parade this afternoon. We eat, watch the scenery and relax in a Spanish restaurant. Beside French tourists there are many locals of Creole, Chinese, African and Indian roots looking at the colourfull parade, a true mishmash of people. All very friendly and safe. In the night the wind picks up.Looks like there are here strong catabatic winds descending from the mountains, just where the port is. For 2 days it is too risky to go ashore but then the wind strength and direction changes.

Mindelo images/2019/mindelo/2.jpg
After 2 days of strong winds the air is now hazy: sahara sand
After checking in at Porto Grandes we explore the town. It is well developed, does not feel like an African town. We meet Umberto, a very friendly local who brings us to Jimmy, a local engineer who makes 2 new high pressure hoses for the watermaker and fixes a leak in a coolant connector of the warm water system. Umberto brings us to a local restaurant.
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Catchoupa is the local speciality
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Every day people collect the seaweed that the sea brings in Mindelo bay
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wonderfull cooking aboard with fresh greenies, at last