Our fastest passage ever: 1062 miles in 8 days, from Bizerte Tunesia, Malta, Crete to Kekova Island in Turkey. The first day of the passage a strong east wind is against us but then the prevailing west winds take over and the snow covered mountains of South Crete appear already after a few days of sailing.

Kemer images/2019/kemer/3.jpg
good food keeps a sailor going
Kemer images/2019/kemer/2.jpg
a few visitors came for a good rest

Kemer images/2019/kemer/4.jpg
snow on the mountains in South Crete
Kemer images/2019/kemer/5.jpg
a first view of Turkey

A beautifull anchorage in a hidden bay on Kekova island.

Kemer images/2019/kemer/7.jpg
Kemer images/2019/kemer/1.jpg
our second anchorage, another beautifull place, this time just for us!
As we get nearer a small vessel from the Turkish army leaves and heads to sea.
Kemer images/2019/kemer/10.jpg
We anchor. In the far distance more grey ships from the Turkish army become visible. I go to sleep. Suddenly the sound of a helicopter, first far away but then approaching and the army helicopter starts circling 20 meters above Malaka Queen then dissapears again. An hour later the aproaching sound of sirenes….
Kemer images/2019/kemer/9.jpg
The Turkish coastguard approaches fast and comes alongside asking us to leave the area immediately as army exercises are about to start in the area. We lift the anchor and motor to Kemer marina. Anothert Turkish warship calls us again to tell us we are now in safe waters. Thank you Turkish army.

Kemer images/2019/kemer/8.jpg
the beautifull coastline on the way to Kemer
Kemer images/2019/kemer/11.jpg
majestic snow covered mountains
Kemer images/2019/kemer/12.jpg
marina Kemer
Kemer images/2019/kemer/13.jpg
view from the fort near Kemer
Kemer images/2019/kemer/14.jpg
some kind of pruns, grows in the city streets