We visited Jordan from Israel with a group of 6 people. With only 3 days available they still want to visit as many places as possible. The company Jordanian Aventura has a good and affordable solution for this: a private mini bus and chauffeur driving us from place to place. Pick up is at the Jordanian site of the Bet Shean border crossing. The Jordan Pass, which can be bought online, provides a free visum plus free access to most sites and parks in Jordan. The border crossing takes some time as it is a sequence of exit procedures, a cross border bus, entry procedures and finally the mandatory Jordan valley border crossing taxi whose driver almost drives past our waiting chaufeur and mini bus.

Jordan images/2019/jordan/2.jpg
Jordan valley in the distance as seen from the Jordanian side

The first 200km leg of our tour through Jordan starts with a steep climb of more than 800 meters from the Jordan valley to bring us to our hotel in the center of Amman. The next day an early start to visit the archeological site Jerash in the North.
Jordan images/2019/jordan/4.jpg
Jerash is one of the best preserved Roman cities in the world
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Jordan images/2019/jordan/6.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/7.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/9.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/10.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/11.jpg
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Then on to the Dead sea for an afternoon swim.

Jordan images/2019/jordan/13.jpg
The dead sea is a hyper saline lake with no outlets. It is the lowest point on earth
Jordan images/2019/jordan/14.jpg

Arriving at 16.00 it is too late for a hike through the beautifull sandstone canyon Wadi Mujib.

Jordan images/2019/jordan/15.jpg
Wadi Mujib has year around water which originally flowed into the dead sea, now used for drinking water.

Our chauffeur drives us to our hotel near the archeological site of Petra, for our next day visit.

Jordan images/2019/jordan/16.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/17.jpg

Jordan images/2019/jordan/18.jpg
On route to Wadi Rum we meet a well conserved steam train at Wadi Rum station.
Jordan images/2019/jordan/19.jpg

Jordan images/2019/jordan/20.jpg
In very good condition it seems that it is still used regulary.

Jordan images/2019/jordan/21.jpg
Wadi Rum is like being in a scene from the science fiction film Starwars
Jordan images/2019/jordan/27.jpg
our stay in Wadi Rum
Jordan images/2019/jordan/22.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/23.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/1.jpg
See the shovel?
Jordan images/2019/jordan/24.jpg
Our Beduin dinner of tonight is burried under the sand
Jordan images/2019/jordan/25.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/26.jpg
Jordan images/2019/jordan/3.jpg
The next day we return to Israel through the Bet Shean border crossing
A big thank you to our chauffeur of the company Jordanian Aventura from Amman as he made it possible for us to see so much in only 3 days.