It only took 5 days to cover the 710nm between st Helena and Ascension island,the easiest sail ever!

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Ascension is a Brittish overseas territory, like st Helena. The island has a RAF airfield and a US base with advanced radar and communication equipment for the US space program. Obtaining a visa must be done in advance, an administrative process that requires each visitor to provide proof of medical and repatriation insurance. The very friendly employees of the islands administration office work hard to get your paperwork done.They,like all inhabitants are delighted to help their visitors: only 40 yachts come to the island per year.
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The whole vulcanic island is barren except for Green mountain where a former strategic outlook post and farm was constructed around 1850.
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Foreign plants and animals where introduced by Josheph Hooker, a close friend of Charles Darwin. This changed the island unique vegetation and the cloud forrest on top of the Green mountain which now looks a bit like a rain forrest with rabbits, sheep, fairy turns and landcrabs.
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The biggest attraction of the island is certainy turtle watching. From Februari giant turtles come from the sea every night.
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Look at these giants humping!
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They dig a big hole into the beach of Clarence bay,lay a 100 eggs, cover them and return to the sea.In time, the babies hatch and scuttle back to the sea.
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