• Ile de la Galite

    It was the Italians who build houses and infrastructure on this beautifull, unspoiled island. They cultivated part of the land growing figs and vegetables. When Tunesia became independent they all left to France giving their houses back to nature. Some of these houses are now used by the National and the police and some fishermen. The rest is inhabitable. The path leads to the top of the mountain where once the Italians grew their vegetables.
  • Gibraltar to Ile de la Galite

    Everything is prepared. All paperwork is done but the prediction does not seem favourable. Still I decide to leave Gibraltar now: my eldest son gets married and the flight to the wedding is booked from Tunesia.So far so good. Our first passage on the Mediterranian sea starts with a little breeze from the East so the course past Europa point is set in the direction of Malaga. Then a tack in the direction of Marocco to cross the busy shipping lane.