• Capetown

    Malaka Queen in Capetown, our destination! Here we are at the most southern point of Africa only 2000 miles from Antarctica, all the way from Tanga Tanzania via Comores and Madagascar through the Mozambique channel and Agulas current along the South African coast. The southern atlantic ocean will bring us to St Helena, Ascension and after crossing the equator the Cape Verdes Islands. The Capetown to St Helena race starts here on Dec 27 and it would be good to go at the same time.
  • Simonstown to Capetown

    Simonstown to Capetown is the final leg of this journey to South Africa, all the way from Tanga Tanzania via Comores, Madagascar and Mozambique. Pulled the anchor up early in the morning, Malaka Queen races towards cape Good Hope on a strong westerly, katabatic winds are now in our favour. Bye Simonstown, see you again. After rounding cape Good Hope the steady westerlies turn into northerlies.