Welcome to Saint Helena!

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the anchorage is directly on the ocean
The small island St Helena is a rock rising up sharply from the 5000m deep ocean seafloor in the middle of the southern atlantic ocean. It was discovered by the Portugese and ruled by the Dutch VOC before it became an important Brittish overseas territory: before the invention of motor driven ships all North going sailing vessels called at the island to provision.
The main town on the island is the long and narrow Jamestown as it lies in a valley between 2 hills. The Saints, as the inhabitants of St helena are called.
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main street

The winners of the Capetown to St Helena race where awarded by the governor of st Helena.

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the 140 years old turtle Johnathan has its own garden at Plantation house

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Napoleon's prison
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Until last year arriving by yacht or supply vessel was the only possibility to visit the island so the local radio informs the Saints ( as the very friendly inhabitants of Saint Helena are called) about the arrival of new yachts. Now there are flights to/from Johannesburg and one of these flights brings a new crew member to Malaka Queen! So nice to be with 2 on board for the coming passages, all the way to Spain…

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We walk Jacobs ladder

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699 steps....

And the rugged shoreline and fortifications of the island

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footpath to Sugar Loaf point
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view of the college from High Knoll fort
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We eat and drink at Anns place, a meeting point of yachties for decade, all leave their boat names and personal comments in the visitors book.

Here is some video footage of the whalesharks we saw and a wreck dive at St Helena.