• Dar, Zanzibar and the islands, Tanga

    Malaka Queen is back in Dar Es Salaam slipway. This time to pick up a friend from Holland and his son. They will come on holiday for a few weeks to explore Tanzania and the Zanzibar archipelago. They have marine spare parts with them so they will have heavy luggage. As always Ruben, taxi driver from Dar Es Salaam will drive me to the airport. At arrival there is a little problem with customs.
  • Bawi Island and Zanzibar

    We, a friend who also has her ship in Tanga had tried many times to sail together. It never worked,for various reasons. This time we will succeed as I came back earlier from Holland! We will first explore Tanga as fishermen spotted 2 hippopotamus and a baby, dangerous animals, still we are curious. We search the area with the dinghy… We sail and anchor at Ras Nungwe in the North of Zanzibar.
  • Dar, Chumbe Island, Zanzibar music festival

    Now it is time to fullfill my promise to bring a female sailor of the Tanga sailing club to Chumbe Island as a favour for all she did for us. We will go there first then I sail to Dar Es Salaam to pick up my friend at the airport. Malaka Queen on anchor near Chumbe Island Chumbe island is a nature reserve and zero emission eco-lodge.
  • Newyear in Zanzibar

    One evening in the bar of Tanga Yachtclub I spot a new group of 8 who just have arrived on a small boat. It looks like they had a tough time sailing upwind to Tanga. We start talking. They are German and Swiss and came from Dar Es Salaam and will go back tomorrow to celebrate newyear in Ras Nungwe in the North of Zanzibar. But they are clearly not happy to be all together on the little boat.
  • Christmas at the farm

    Back on the ship after 2 months in Holland via Dar Es Salaam with 40 kilo of marine parts! So glad to find it back in good condition on its mooring. The watchmen looked after it well. I meet my sailfriends, the bartenders and the drinkers again in the bar of Tanga Yacht Club. Stephan says: we all go up to the farm on the mountain in Moheze for Christmas, come!