• Tanga, its time to leave!

    Back in Tanga after a wonderfull week with my big family in Zeeland at the North sea. Its September again…That was the time I arrived last year in Tanga from Madagascar, its now time to leave. I agreed last time with a sailfriend from Tanga that we would go with 2 ships from Tanga to Madagascar. And so glad my other sailfriend comes again! Our route will pass Dar Es Salaam so I pick her up and get new batteries at the same time.
  • Dar, Chumbe Island, Zanzibar music festival

    Now it is time to fullfill my promise to bring a female sailor of the Tanga sailing club to Chumbe Island as a favour for all she did for us. We will go there first then I sail to Dar Es Salaam to pick up my friend at the airport. Malaka Queen on anchor near Chumbe Island Chumbe island is a nature reserve and zero emission eco-lodge.
  • Pemba Island Njao gap

    With 3 fellow sailors on board we sail from Tanga to Njao gap at Pemba Island. Another ship sails with us at the same time. We are lucky, we catch a nice golden dorade on the way, fish for dinner!