• Hauling out in Kelibia

    Back in Kelibia -again- after the beautifull journey to Tabarka, this time for hauling out. That means maintenance work to the underside of the boat like painting, polishing, service to the transmission and propellor, new zincs and epoxy repair on the iron part of the keel. A huge 250 ton crane lifts Malaka Queen out of the water using straps and hydraulic power. This is a bit exiting and scary too.
  • And back to Tunesia

    This journey of 15.000 nautical miles around Africa started on September 20, 2018 in Tanga Tanzania. It has now ended with the wonderfull family gathering in Israel and an impressive 4 day tour through Jordan. Also there is no more sea to go more east, so lets go west again! The estimated maximum for this passage from Israel to Tunesia is 21 days at sea. Time to leave Herzliyya on June 3 for our destination port Tunis.