• Christmas at the farm

    Back on the ship after 2 months in Holland via Dar Es Salaam with 40 kilo of marine parts! So glad to find it back in good condition on its mooring. The watchmen looked after it well. I meet my sailfriends, the bartenders and the drinkers again in the bar of Tanga Yacht Club. Stephan says: we all go up to the farm on the mountain in Moheze for Christmas, come!
  • First passage !

    In the bar of Crater bay marina on Nosy be Madagascar I meet world-sailor Stephan. He tells me: your boat cannot not stay here. Every year from December to May cyclones develop below the equator and often hit Madagascar. Some pass west of Madagascar through the Mozambique channel and may hit Nosy Be. So do not leave your boat there. Tanga in Tanzania is a safe place to leave your boat and it is out of the cyclone belt.
  • Arrival in Nosy be

    Welcome to the beautifull island of Nosy Be, Madagascar! Where, how? Well let me explain. In 2015 I decided to go sailing and after spending a few thousand miles on other peoples boats I decided it was time to buy one for myself. As there are so many brands and types on the market, it took me almost 2 years to find out what would suit me best: a Super Maramu.