Ha! We got ourselves a seat on the first row. A cannon fires and

Capetown to St Helena images/2018/caphel/2.jpg
the Capetown to St Helena race has begun
Why leave? Just stay and enjoy the beauties of South Africa. No, it is time to go, the race is ON, I must face the ocean, this is what I have to do. Understood, but you can do that also later, why go now?…No, see you South Africa, it is very hard to leave…

Capetown you are in my heart, I will see you again!

Capetown to St Helena images/2018/caphel/4.jpg
Malaka Queen leaving Capetown for St Helena
The down wind (5-15 knots) passage is very relaxed and almost 3 knots of current in the same direction as well. And a bit of swell. The first 2 days some ships pass, then nothing until the arrival at St Helena, 10 days later.
Capetown to St Helena images/2018/caphel/6.jpg
sea, sky, ship, just for me, magical

Capetown to St Helena images/2018/caphel/7.jpg
every morning flying fish on the deck
Sailed almost 1700 miles from Capetown in 12 days.
Capetown to St Helena images/2018/caphel/5.jpg

Will that tiny piece of land soon show up in the middle of this ocean?

Well, at least the weather is like in the United Kingdom, clouds and rain

Capetown to St Helena images/2018/caphel/8.jpg
Land at eleven o'clock!